Outdoor activities of APCS students and achievements
Cập nhật: 11/06/2009

A. Outdoor programs and activities

1. Student Exchange Program

From 2010, beside transfering to PSU for the last two academic years, APCS students will have another opportunity to study at PSU through the Student Exchange Program. Students chosen as exchange students will be financed their plane tickets by APCS. Students will pay other fees such as tuition, accommodation and travel fees. Students will study and participate in other activities at PSU in one term. Credits achieved in this term will be recognized in their study result.

2. Charity Information Website Project: is a non-profit website with English - Vietnamese bilingual and has been developed by APCS students. This website is launched with the aim of being an Information Bridge between benefactors and charities especially from foreign countries and persons in difficulties and needing help in Vietnam.

3. Practice Program for students

Company for APCS students is an incubator model learned from and similar to foreign universities (but it has some adjustments to suit specific characteristics of Universities in Vietnam) in order to promote resources, create environment for speciality practice as well as train soft skills for students.

B. Achievements

1. Advance Program of University of Science – VNU-HCMC was ranked the First in all the Advance Programs for two (2) consecutive years by Ministry of Education and Training.

2. APCS students won the 2008 Vietnamese Students Computing Olympic and Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC) - Asia Zone

In Vietnamese Students Computing Olympic exam in November 2008, the team of University of Science – VNU-HCMC won the whole Gold Cups and Silver Cups of Super Cup Block. Most students in the team are APCS students such as Pham Tuan Vu (intake 2007 - Gold Cup of Super Cup Block), Trinh Tran Dang Khoa (intake 2006 - Silver Cup of Super Cup Block). Both students is from Vision Team and won the First prize of ACM-ICPC International Exam - Asia Zone (Exam Point in Ho Chi Minh City)

3. Imagine Cup

Group of first-year students (intake 2007) won the Third prize of Imagine Cup in Vietnam (Nguyen Manh Quoc Anh and Ly Kim Long)

4. “Student partner” of Microsoft

Many students actively organize and participate in academic and technology activities and are “Student Partner” of Microsoft and are members of Live Club (Vo Minh Quan, Tran Gia Phong, Tran Duy Nghia, Nguyen Manh Quoc Anh, etc.)



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